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Evolution of Symbols

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Darwin had some theories…
that aside from intellectual pondering, have little to do with my life…

or my consciousness of this moment.
Here I am, over here, Mr Darwin! Living life… here; where I live. Now. Hello…

It’s a simple life…
No. It’s better than that.
It’s creative, fulfilling and stress free.
I often miss some of the stress… like messy grandchildren.
They’re older now… and much more poised.
But I digress.

Symbols of higher aspiration…
that’s what I was trying to get to… via Darwin and my grandchildren.
Children have been drawing stick figures since we grew thumbs. The talented ones drew horses and battle scenes and told stories of great heroes who fed the tribe through the winter. They chipped, chiseled, chewed the leather and became one with the ecosystem they called home. They drew symbols on burnt desert camel skins and rain forest tattoos, they etched stone mountain carvings and drew monks blood penned on parchment; throughout, certain symbols have been repeatedly depicted… thus solidifying their demonstrated place in human consciousness.

The circle, square, spiral and cross are symbols that we learn by living and observing nature. Like gravity, we already know what a circle is when Mommy points at one and says the word, “Circle,” or before someone tells us the definition of gravity, we already have a relationship with gravity… ouch very much!

When asked to describe a circle… and we say that it has no beginning or end… we immediately and intuitively know that there’s more to a circle than a round line. A circle becomes a symbol once we understand that it represents wholeness and completion… and that within a circle’s wholeness resides two halves in continual duality and opposition. The meaning of the symbol becomes deeper… encompasses more of life’s questionings and dilemmas. The circle becomes a symbol of potential that sustains me, gives me hope and eventually reminds me that though I am small, I am connected to an infinite source. All that and more in a circle…

The Half Full symbol is a circle with the full color spectrum around the outer perimeter. Within the circle are opposing black and white colors in an upper and lower orientation. The words “Half Full” suggests our answer to the age-old philosophical debate… is the cup half empty or half full? Yes, we are optimists… and we are willing to go the full circle, to embrace all colors and cultures and to walk in balance.

The Half Full symbol logo will likely evolve over the years, but the circle, color wheel and intention will remain. Our commitment…
“to design that embodies the peace, love, respect and reverence for life that sacred symbols represent,”
will evolve the symbol; people who wear the symbol will evolve it and the symbol will evolve into a brand… a brand that embodies peace, love, respect and reverence for life.



“The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms.” ~ Lao Tzu

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